Business Intelligence

Our company have employed many systems to manage our daily operation. All these intelligent systems allow us to do things in a faster,easier and more accurate manner. They are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relation Management (CRM) as well as Knowledge Management (KM).

What is ERP system?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems integrate internal and external management information across an entire organization, embracing finance/accounting, manufacturing, sales and service, customer relationship management, etc.
ERP systems automate this activity with an integrated software application.
The purpose of ERP is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders.
ERP systems can run on a variety of computer hardware and network configurations, typically employing a database as a repository for information.

2 categories of our ERP are SCM and CRM. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and SCM (Supply Chain Management) are two other categories of enterprise software that are widely implemented in corporations and non-profit organizations. While the primary goal of ERP is to improve and streamline internal business processes, CRM attempts to enhance the relationship with customers and SCM aims to facilitate the collaboration between the organization, its suppliers, the manufacturers, the distributors and the partners.

2 systems that we are now using are MicroStrategy and SB Client. (Please refer to the attachment how does these 2 systems look like and what are their functions.)

Knowledge Management

A very good culture of our company is that we keep learning, we encourage learning. Therefore, we have portals for us to have access to different kinds of material that we might need to improve ourselves. They are our company Share Point's Portal named as Smartship and our elearning platform, named as iCan2!

Smartship is like a library of Senheng. Most of the info you need you can get inside there including memos, contact numbers, rules and regulations, job description of each department, product lists, promotion and etc.

Official URL for Smartship:

iCan2 is a portal for us to read and learn. Necessary info will be uploaded to this portal, and staff could log in read and do practices until they have fully understood the materials.

Official URL for iCan2: